Zautomatyzowane oprogramowanie handlowe

Użyj naszego od ponad 15 lat bardzo skutecznego automatycznego oprogramowania handlowego, aby osiągnąć swój sukces finansowy


W pełni zautomatyzowany handel na rynku finansowym

Oferujemy Ci od wielu lat sprawdzone, wydajne, zautomatyzowane oprogramowanie handlowe (Grateful Expert), które umożliwi Ci rozwój finansowy i swobodę. Grateful Expert handluje całkowicie automatycznie na Twoim własnym koncie brokerskim po aktywacji. Nasz system transakcyjny jest zaprojektowany dla indeksu S&P500 jako CFD i działa bardzo niezawodnie.


Oprogramowanie działa na Twoim własnym serwerze i na Twoim własnym koncie brokerskim. Jesteś jedyną osobą, która może uzyskać do niego dostęp i ma pełną kontrolę nad swoim kontem.

Intuicyjne i proste

Korzystanie z naszego oprogramowania jest bardzo proste. Nasze instrukcje i wsparcie techniczne chętnie pomogą Ci w aplikacji.

Uczciwe i opłacalne

Historie handlowe z przeszłości wykazują stabilny wzrost przy stosunkowo niskim ryzyku. (patrz strona trading)

W pełni automatyczny

Oprogramowanie zostanie aktywowane raz na Twoim koncie, a następnie działa w pełni automatycznie. Nie jest konieczna żadna interwencja.

Wieloletnie doświadczenie

Dzięki naszym ekspertom, Grateful Expert przez lata był doskonalony i od 16 lat osiąga doskonałe wyniki.


Będziesz miał swoją osobistą osobę kontaktową, która będzie Ci towarzyszyć przez cały czas.



Od ponad 15 lat z sukcesem, w pełni zautomatyzowany system transakcyjny z Expert Advisor dzięki naszym specjalistom handlowym.


Twój kapitał znajduje się na Twoim własnym brokerze, a oprogramowanie transakcyjne jest zainstalowane na Twoim własnym serwerze. Masz pełną kontrolę i w każdej chwili możesz aktywować lub dezaktywować system. To zależy od ciebie.


Możesz śledzić każdą pojedynczą pozycję handlową na żywo i śledzić wszystkie zmiany na swoim koncie w historii konta. Nasze konto pokazowe na żywo jest również dostępne poprzez Myfxbook i Youtube livestream.


Otrzymasz swoją osobistą osobę kontaktową, która chętnie Ci będzie pomagać i wspierać Cię dalej. W razie potrzeby, nasz zespół supportu również chętnie pomoże.


Co mówią o nas klienci

Dirk Fabrig IT Director Procter&Gamble
Kristof Beyer Physiotherapist
Mario Fasciano IT Architect at SoftwareONE AG
Frank Ulmer Business economist VWA
Paul Kaspar Hilber real estate developer
Thomas Claussen Self-employed
Raphael Fresen Contractor/ IT Services
Sascha Steffen Sales Engineer
Florian Pusch Traffic-Manager

I’m doing the automated trading now since 8 month and I can only say I’m more than happy. It is running like a swiss clock, we get our returns fully automated on our own broker account and never have to give our money out of our hands. I have tried a number of similar system before but have never seen such a consistent performance for such a long time. For me this is the first trading I will give 5 star rating!

Clear recommendation !!!!!

I have been around for quite some time now and I can only report positive things. The software works reliably day after day and generates very good profits. The customer service of Grateful Shift deserves 5 stars + , the personal and almost familiar support is the focus here, I have never experienced that before !!!!!!!!! Clear recommendation !!!!!

"Yess" and "Congratulation"

"Yess" and "Congratulations" are the words I write to my clients almost daily after Grateful Shift's trading software has reached its profit target. Since December 2019, I have been a customer of Grateful Shift myself and enjoy a trading system that brings me regular and constant profits. I have been trading myself for years and know how difficult it is to trade in general. This automated trading system gives me more time for the things in life that are really fun. At the same time I leave the money increase of my savings account to the savings accelerator (as I call it ;-) ) from Grateful Shift. Another great opportunity that has come my way is to work with Grateful Shift as a partner. I really like to take this system and philosophy out into the world and support people in doing so. Therefore I can recommend Grateful Shift with a clear conscience.

I am very happy

I am very happy, almost euphoric, because now, after months of observing and testing, I have finally decided on the right trading program, Grateful Shift. The decision was made mainly in favor of the safety, the problem-free handling and of course the long-term nature of this great program. Of course, the expected return of about 3-4% per month and thus the compound interest effect of over 35-45% per year also played a big role in my decision.

I say only one word "UNIQUE......!!!!!!!"

What does the software do = automated trading in the S&P 500 share index
Transparency = You can follow every trading day of the software live
Flexibility = Only I alone can dispose of my account daily

Numbers say more than words
Performance of Index S&P 500 GRATEFUL SHIFT Software
08.06.2020 - 12.06.2020 = - 4,7% + 1,13% Profit
07.01.2020 - 12.06.2020 = - 6,3% + 16,63% Profit
09.01.2017 - 12.06.2020 = + 34% + 194% Profit

Stand 12.06.2020

Invest well and safely

I have been involved in the area of finance for some time now and I quickly realized that my goal should be nothing less than financial freedom. But it costs time, nerves, knowledge, endurance and emotions.

With Grateful Shift I have found a great way to invest my monthly savings rate well and safely and in addition to that to make the available capital work for me. The support and customer service is quickly available and explains everything patiently, understandably and competently, even for beginners.

Many thanks for this opportunity.

Ingenious concept

I have been looking for a long time.
I have joined for a few months now and am now firmly convinced of the concept.
I have experienced the last turbulence and was also live at the subsequent webinar.

I especially like the transparency. This means that I always have a good overview.
Security is very important to me. The money is on our own server, and not somewhere on an account in Djibouti. Again and again, people fall for such scams.

I am absolutely thrilled

I have been with this fantastic system since September 4, 2019 and I am absolutely thrilled. Trading has fascinated me for many years. Unfortunately, I have often had bad experiences. In my opinion, the biggest strength of Grateful Shift is that it integrates so many security criteria that it sometimes seems a bit boring for experienced traders, despite the fantastic returns. But that's only because the software works almost like clockwork and finds entry signals almost every day and then always reaches its profit targets. It is also the security criteria that made me and meanwhile also many of my customers see Grateful Shift as an alternative to the former savings book. However, there is now the advantage of a truly exceptional return, which you will look for in vain at this level (35-50% p.a.) as an investor on the normal capital market. The only thing you have to take into account with Grateful Shift is the monthly license fee, which you can get back by recommending this great system. From September 4 to October 12, 2020, i.e. in just over 14 months, I made +45.56% with this software. This development is all the more astonishing, since the software was sent into the Corona break for about 3 weeks for safety reasons, during which the license fee was of course also suspended. After deducting the license fees paid during this time, I end up with a net pre-tax return of 29.46 % (full 14 monthly licenses included) in the 14 months. What do we still get on the passbook today? Some even pay penalty interest on their money there, isn't that crazy? I'm super happy with this system and I'm happy every day about the profits and once a month about the payouts of the referral commissions of my happy customers and partners. A win-win situation for everyone, that's how it should be.

I couldn't believe it myself

I couldn't believe it myself, but since I've been using the Grateful Shift trading software, it's been giving me reliable and regular profits. I can almost set my watch by it because it is so profitable and stable.

Since I had already fallen for some offers from some strange companies, which were gone three months later, I was skeptical and tried it first in a demo account.

I was even more surprised that I got a return of 201,75 EUR out of a 10.000 EUR demo account within 30 days. So I tried it in a live account and got the same results.

I never give good ratings for trading products that I have not tested myself over a long period of time. And to be honest, this is the very first time: I can recommend Grateful Shift 100%.

Absolutely ingenious product!

I joined in January 2020 and can only thank the entire Grateful Shift Team!

From the first contact until today I felt very well looked after.

I have always received any information or assistance I needed promptly and to my complete satisfaction. The product is very easy to use thanks to the very good instruction.

It is important to me that I have full control over my investments at all times. At Grateful Shift my investment is on my own broker account and I can access it at any time, take profits or increase the investment.

Half a year is now over - almost 19% since the beginning of 2020 (before capital gains tax) - thank you for this trip and for letting me participate!

I came to Grateful Shift through a good friend of mine. Since I have been actively investing in ETFs, stocks and funds since I was 20 years old and have also tried my hand at day trading, I know how much time can be invested in analyzing value stocks and the price trend. Returns of 40% p.a. are possible, but risky for private investors.

With Grateful Shift it is all different and easier. You can invest your money and even without great financial knowledge returns of up to 40% p.a. can be achieved. But for me personally the most important point is the time saved by the fully automated Expert Advisor of Grateful Shift. It is an inspiring feeling to reach the profit target almost every day in addition to your normal work and to get closer to financial freedom piece by piece.

Dlaczego warto korzystać z naszego oprogramowania handlowego?

Dowiedz się w tym e-booku, jak możesz pozwolić swojemu kapitałowi rosnąć dla Ciebie automatycznie, bez wcześniejszej wiedzy! Sukces od 16 lat!

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  • Jakie są zalety i wady?
  • Czego możesz oczekiwać od Expert Advisor (EA)?
  • Dlaczego nasz Expert Advisor jest tak skuteczny?
  • Dla kogo odpowiedni jest nasz Expert Advisor?
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