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Do you need help with registration, capitalization or connecting to your server and our software? Here you will find all the step by step tutorial videos that will guide you through all the processes (english subtitles).


What is a Trading Software (Expert Advisor)?

Expert Advisor (EA in short) is a software written in MQL programming language for MetaTrader 4. Our EAs are fully automated trading softwares programmed to scan the market, follow precise trading rules and automatically make trade entries as well as trade exits. In doing so, the software follows a set of algorithmic rules.

What experience should I bring with me?

As a rule, hardly any prior knowledge is required, as we accompany our customers through all installation processes and clarify questions together. In addition, the trading software works fully automatically and does not require any intervention. Therefore, trading experience is not mandatory, but experience can of course facilitate the start.

Do I have to verify myself via KYC?

Every customer who receives his own server (VPS) from us must fully verify himself with us in accordance with legal requirements. Furthermore, opening a trading account with the broker also requires KYC verification.

What documents are required for KYC verification?

Grateful Shift requires two scanned documents for complete verification:
1. verification of own person with a valid identity card or passport.
2. verification of own address with a current electricity, water, gas or telephone bill, which must not be older than 3 months.

For whom is the trading software not suitable?

For people who do not have enough risk capital. By risk capital is meant money that you could lose completely without risking your financial security or lifestyle. You should only use risk capital for trading. Only with sufficient risk capital should you even consider trading. Therefore, inform yourself thoroughly and comprehensively about the risks involved.

What is the minimum amount of capital required for software trading?

This question cannot be answered universally, since this also depends on the conditions of the broker (spread, commissions, etc.).
In general, however, it can be said that it makes sense to start with a reputable broker with a minimum capital of 5,000 EUR. For more information, please contact your personal contact person or our support.

Does Grateful Shift accept investments?

We do not accept investments at any time and accordingly do not manage any of our clients' capital.

How safe is my capital?

Client funds are held solely in the client's account with the broker. Grateful Shift does not manage the client's capital in any way. Therefore, choosing the right, reputable and regulated broker is quite important when it comes to security. Grateful Shift trading software runs independently on the client's own server (VPS), which is connected to the client's broker account.

Do I have access to my capital?

Since the capital is exclusively in your own customer account, you have access to your capital and full control at all times. The software can be deactivated and activated at any time, and manual intervention in the trades is also possible. However, in order for the software to work reliably, we do not recommend manual intervention in trading.

Does Grateful Shift have access to my funds?

Grateful Shift does not have access to your funds. Only you can request deposits and withdrawals from your broker. We only provide the trading software for a monthly license fee.

What is a VPS?

The abbreviation VPS stands for "Virtual Private Server". The Virtual Private Server is defined as a virtual web server based on a physical server. The Grateful Expert Trading software runs without interruption around the clock on our clients' own VPS system.

What do I need a VPS for?

The Grateful Expert or Expert Plus software requires uninterrupted stable performance and internet connection with fast response time so that the desired trading signals communicate reliably between the software and the broker. This is indispensable for long-term success with the trading software. Therefore, we offer our services only in combination with a VPS or similar systems.

How secure is my server (power supply, security, network)?

The Grateful Shift servers are located in a data center in Frankfurt. The entire data center is powered exclusively by green electricity from Lichtblick. There are two dedicated transformer stations with 630 kVA each directly on the Frankfurt 10kV power ring, as well as the most efficient uninterruptible power supply with up to 96% efficiency in online mode. The hardware is protected with coarse, medium and overvoltage protection, as well as exclusively tested power strips in their own 16 amp fuses.

The building is equipped with a 24/7 keycard access control system for employees and customers and 24/7 emergency service available on weekends and holidays. An extensive surveillance system at entrances, exits and in all server rooms records all steps both permanently and via motion detection. Motion detectors and sensors alert the control center in case of unauthorized access.

What do I have to pay attention to when making deposits and withdrawals?

There are a few rules that need to be followed when making deposits and withdrawals when the trading software is already active, so that the software works smoothly. Please watch our tutorial video part 5: (english subtitles) or contact your personal contact person or our support.

Can I use the software on multiple accounts?

This is possible, but only with another software license. Each broker account needs its own license.

Is there any investment advice?

The content of this website does not constitute general or personal investment advice. The strategies presented do not constitute advice or investment services within the meaning of the German Securities Trading Act and do not constitute a recommendation to buy or sell any type of securities, derivatives, indices or currency pairs.

What is my expected rate of return?

Our performance is based on past events and gives no guarantee of positive results in the future. Each user assumes full risk and responsibility for their own trading activities. Past performance is not an indicator of future results.

Where can I view the results of the trading software?

Grateful Expert results are documented since 01/01/2017 and Expert Plus results are documented on our site since 01/01/2021. Here you can find the detailed trading results:

Who is liable for damages?

No liability is assumed for any damages that may occur. Each user of Grateful Shift FZ Ltd. products assumes full risk and responsibility for trading activities.

How can I cancel my license subscription?

The license subscription can be cancelled in writing at any time subject to the cancellation period of 1 month. For this purpose, a short e-mail with the registered e-mail address with the cancellation request to is sufficient.

How do I activate the Expert Plus add-on software?

The additional software Expert Plus can be easily activated on your trading server. Connect to your server via remote desktop, open another chart (File -> New Chart), e.g. EURUSD and drag the Expert Plus from the navigator bar into the new chart with the left mouse button pressed. Confirm the activation in the new window with OK. You can also watch our step by step tutorial video on YouTube:

How do I cancel the Expert Plus add-on software?

Just like the standard license for the Grateful Expert, the Expert Plus add-on software can be cancelled at any time by giving 1 month's notice in writing. For this purpose, a short e-mail with the registered e-mail address with the cancellation request to is sufficient.

What is the Grateful Connector?

The Grateful Connector is a monitoring software, which has been installed since 01.08.2021 at the customers with their own trading server. This software monitors the Grateful Expert and if active also the Expert Plus, ensuring that these two programs are connected and working correctly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If there is a problem, for example if the client closes Meta Trader and loses the connection, we will be notified immediately and can check the server. This monitoring software gives our clients even more security and stability.

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